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Hey all, I haven't been on here for a good while and I have been out of the turbo dodge sceen. But I had a good ideal to prevent wear on the S60 camshaft..... Has anybody thought of Cryo treating the camshaft??

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TiN coating ($$$) or ceramic "anti-wear" coating ($) would help...

so would lower pressure valve springs (3.3 conicals ? cheap !)

personally I think "cryo" is hooey
Oil today doesn't have the ZP in it to reduce ware. You can coat them and they last a little longer, but perfomance sliders are a 40,000 mile cam on a good day. Next is the design, too old. Turbo cams need agressive lobe sepperation.

Consider FWDs F4 cam brand new with PT lifters, better in many ways.

Springs, the 3.3 conicals work great but bind on cams over .460" lift. So stock or mild cams. A 314 slider of a 767 slider as good examples. The S60 has too much lift for the 3.3s, so then you have to go to the Comp conicals, which are sweet but pricy. But anyone that needs a high lift cam has already dumped a ton into there car, and the expensive valve train at this point doesn't matter. In truth? I've seen dyno tests where the TBI roller made more power than a S60 at high boost levels. One reason is the flow at the lift. Sure a big valve ported head flows the .500" cam, but it is about $450 just to make an intake flow that much. So in the cams defense we just can't really use it yet.
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