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1986 Shelby Charger with new KYB GR2s all the way around with stock SC springs out back and stock GLH springs up front. Ive heard the GLH springs are 1/2'' taller, is this true.

The car has 195/60/15s on stock pizza wheels up front and 195/65/15s on the back. Even with thes tall tires there is still a 4'' gap in the front and 3.5'' in the back btw the top of the tire and the fender lip! It looks rediculous!

Will the KYBs settle much! The car rides like a friggin scateboard too, handles decent though.

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I'm pretty sure the (front & back) GLH *springs* are the same as SC ;

however, at least in the back, the spring mounts on the shocks were in slightly diffferent places resulting in a ride heigth difference if you swapped 2 dr <-> 4 (IIRC the 2dr sits a little hihger than the 4)

but KYB like most aftermarket no longer makes a seperate 2 & 4 door rear shock ; I'll bet they offer the 4 door as the universal - which will raise your 2 door (back) up a smidge

the KYBs might settle down some, but certainly no 2-3"

I had the same problem back in the day when I put on MP "rallye" shocks/struts on my SC ; never really did sit down ; hated the look

your best solution may be to either cut a coil (or so) off the springs to get it to drop or modifying the top or bottom mounts of the springs to relocate them e.g. cut em off and MIG em back on 1" lower on the shock/strut body ..
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