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Electrical problems this time around ,on the '88 daytona shelby z driver- seat adjustment motor circuit! circuitbreaker fuse has only 2.9-3.8 volts to all points connected for seat adj.ment! Tried grounding 14ga. black wire{gnd.**? directly to a good grounding contact & nothing! Tried ohm values changes ,on & off from on all seat switches ,they seem to be in good working order! Crazy thing is ,that the door look circuit is runs off the same 30amp circuitbreaker fuse, but works well at 12volts not 3.5 volts to the seat circuit??? I have removed driver seat setting pad & now i have assess to get to the motor & some other wiring connections under the seat as well! ANY TROUBLE-SHOOTING ON GETTING THIS SEATING ADJUSTMENT ELECTRICAL CIRCUIT BACK IN SERVICE??? THANKS!!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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