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85 Turbo Z, this is a shot in the dark for the future

but does anyone know if a pair of seats from an SRT-4 Neon would just go right into the car? I found a pair I’d be interested in for the future.

or if I can use the original rails or whatever.
Nothing serious, just thinking out loud.
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Almost any seats can fit almost any cars, Almost. The seat tracks are typically made for the car they came from so either modifying them to fit the new floor pan or adapting the factory seat tracks to the new seat is the issue as safety is very important when in a crash. These wing nuts on TV who show bolting down a seat with a few nuts and no washers to a sheet metal floor or using a milk crate are stupid. Remember it is just for the "tv shot" If they had to put their butts in that seat as a daily driver, they would mount it in properly in a heart beat.
As for the seat itself: width and height matter. Depth too. Best thing to do is to measure the seats and your factory seats with the doors closed and measure off the center console (if any). This will give you a reasonable idea of fitment. There is nothing worse than the door not closing because the side bolster hits the door panel before it is closed. The door hinges will not stand up to slamming day in and day out over and over. also height matters because if the head rest ( if any)hit the brand new headliner- that will not last long.

I typically measure from the center of the seat straight up to the ceiling, to the driver's door, to the console and to the dash. Make sure you leave 1" for movement and flex of the cushions.
Good luck!
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