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Seems simple

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I went to put a new set of wires on my 85 Daytona Z 2.2. I understood the clip type wires, the old ones came out fine with a pair of needle pliers but I am having a frustrating and embarrassing problem. I cannot get them to go down into the cap far enough to click. I have never seen or used this type wire connection and I suspect I am missing something simple. Someone enlighten me please on what I need to do to get the wires far enough into the cap to lock them.
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you may have to use needle nose pliars to pull them through the bottom of the cap to make them lock in
They dont come thru the cap far enough to grab with the pliers. That is what I started to do. I know this is one of those things I am going to find out how to do and then feel like an idiot but hey who among us hasnt been there? :)
Pull the rubber boots up a little bit and then snap them in. Have ran into issues like this before.
Out of curiousity, what wires are you using?
Use some silicone spray, they are probably binding up, plus they are Magnecores, lol.
Sometimes its the cap! This was happening to me with a new setof wires and a cap. New wires went ineasily to old cap, almost impossible in the new cap. Used a small slotted screwdriver to slip downinthe connector hole toopen itup just a bit, then they slip right in as designed.
Ok I am going to open up the slots a little and use some silicon and see what happens. Thanks guys.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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