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Hi im new to the site wondering if anyone can help me

The other day my down pipe off the turbo broke from to much engine movement and i fixed that problem but i noticed the wires for the upstream o2 sensor were melted together so i fixed the melted sections the car thru a code saying 02 sensor is not running rich or lean so i replaced it with another one its a bosh universal with the same color wires. i wired it up exactly the same as the manual for the neon and bosh told me to but the thing is with the o2 sensor plugged in the car idles poorly 18.0 on my a/f aem wideband sensor when i unplug it the car runs fine with the check engine light on. i had someone look at the car but they were not sure what the problem was they did say though that the heater for the o2 is on 100% and wont shut off wich might be doing something to the egr i really dont remember but i cant figure it out as for the turbo set up i have not touched or moved anything since this happened and it was working perfectly before.

with o2 sensor connected its giving me this code P1193 EGR Drive Overcurrent

im also having this problem now when i start the car it starts up at 4000 rpms and then falls to 1500 and stays there when i give it a little gas it goes back to 4000 rpms then back to 1500 when i put the car in gear it actually trys to drive it self im really lost as to answers right now
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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