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Set of springs and intake from an '89 Shelby CSX

Hi. I'm VERY new to here.....was referred to here by Lone Eagle on Allpar.....suggested I may want to put these springs up for sale here, although I have NO idea their worth.


Anyway, I bought a set of springs from a friend who wrecked his '89 Dodge Shelby CSX a month or so ago in No. Augusta, SC.

He'd already stripped out almost all the parts.....interior now bare, engine and trans gone.....but had the struts and rear springs left (rear axle gone, too.)

I bought them in hopes of putting them on my '90 Spirit ES, but after trying one front spring on my new KYB struts I was installing (with a LOT of help from my brother), I thought better of it and went back to the original springs. (The CSX springs just dropped the front down too far.....)

So, now I have them just sitting here and have no need for them.....maybe someone here could find a use for them.

Some pics of the springs......the owner painted the rears red (sort of to match the car I guess.....I don't know). They've not really been cleaned up at all, just as they were when removed. No real corrosion at all....just dirt and such that didn't wipe off with a cloth.

I took the pics with a paper tape ruler so you can get an idea of their overall length. The set weighs a bit over 30 pounds, so shipping them could get a tad costly, but again, I don't know. Guess it depends on how far you live from N. Augusta, SC. (That's where they are.)

Just email me.....my email is in my profile. I'll be quite happy to answer any questions you have......and thanks for reading!

An update.....someone asked if any other parts were still around from the car. Well, John, the owner, is up in Alexandria (?), VA for a few months. After the wreck, he stripped the car down to the bare metal....and had been thought to have sold darned near everything off it over the space of a week or two.....engine gone, transmission gone, interior stripped to the metal, doors gone, hood and grille gone, rear hatch gone, plastic side pieces gone.....just a shell left.

Despite that, I drove back to his mother's place, just outside Aiken, SC, and poked around with her. She found these two thing still left.....the intake manifold under some leaves in back of their store house and the fuel rail (?) in a strut box.

Maybe someone can use them? Make an offer......the intake part seems to have been stripped clean of all its fittings.....sort of like getting it ready for recycling because of the aluminum. The injector rail thing looks complete.

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