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Setting Clock

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How do I set the clock in my '88 Shadow (stock Chrysler AM/FM/Cassette radio)? All the buttons appear to be working. Just can't figure out which ones to use to reset the clock.
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Turn it off, then press the P button, I think. Then turn the tuning knob to set hours. Press P again to set minutes. P again when done.

That works on some years, but that is ofcourse depends on which radio you have.
If that doesn't work, try pressing SET twice and using the volume or tuning button to adjust it.
This is straight from the factory sound system manual to set the time. First the radio must be "ON". If station is displayed, press the SEL button to display time. Press the SET button then SEL button, & hours with a flashing colon will be displayed. Push the tune "+" button to advance the & the tune "-" button to set back the hours. Push the SEL button again to display the minutes. Same as setting the hours. Push the SEL button to restart the clock. Hope that helps you out.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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