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Shelby Daytona

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Hi! I bought a new 1987 Shelby Z and traded it in 1989 for a new Shelby. Unfortunately it met it's demise 3 months later w/ less than 3k miles due to a drunk driver.

I've recently thought of buying another one as a "toy' and actually found one only a few miles away, just like my '89 Shelby only in red [mine was blue]. It's got the T-Bar roof which mine had and a definite requirement.

This car has been sitting for a year due to a bad shift or clutch cable. he describes it as the clutch pedal barely has enough function to drive. It had a new head installed just before it was parked which is clearly evident. It's owned by a man in his mid 60's and he bought it from the original owner [I'll get to that in a minute] about 7 years ago. It's a southern car, no rust but the original paint is poor. Mileage is 175,000 but as I said, head work was done just before sitting. I charged the dead battery and did get it to start by spraying starting fluid [it started instantly] but it will not run on it's own. There's no fuel pump buzz when I turn the key on and several gauges don't seem to work. I'm thinking it's a bad ASD [auto shut down] relay?????

The history is this ~ It was bought new by, and the owners manuals filled out to; Getrag gears in NC. The current owner bought it from them and feels this is a significant attribute. I know the name and their relationship to the car but don't know if any modifications were done or it's significance.

He wants it to go to a Shelby enthusiast as he's not going to do anything with it.

What's a fair price considering it's current state? Is the Getrag relationship anything pertinent?
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It sounds like a cool car (I've always loved the blue 89 Shelbys) but it's honestly not worth more than a thousand bucks. The getrag thing, while cool, doesn't really add to it's value.
this doesnt seem like its in the right forum and probably wont get much attention
$1K sounds like a deal for a non-running ride. It's not a "real" Shelby so don't let that pay any role in the dealings, just a sticker put on in the finish lane at a Dodge plant.

get pics if you can, much easier to say what we'd offer for it if we knew what it looked like. Paint can be expensive;):laugh:
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