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Shelby/Las Vegas Event in October?

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I know it's been a few years since we've done this, but it's never too early to start planning another event. Is anyone interested in meeting up at Shelby American in N Las Vegas this year? I'm sure we could get Shelby's support if we get ourselves organized.
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Is there anything left at Shelby American, since the bankruptcy of the series 1 and there moving from the old building? Anyway I'd be interested if we could figure out some things to do car related, Drags?, Auto cross?


I really think people miss a good opportunity to do it in conjuction with the Mopars at the Strip event in March, then all you have to do is show up and the drags and car show are already provided. There is even plenty of room for the the Shelby Dodge guys to park together in the pits.
That I don't know... Piggybacking with another event sure makes sense. I'd like to do something this year, though. I wonder what's going on in Phoenix later this year?
I was just at the Vegas facility on April 25, 2005. There is still a "museum" area and tours are given at 10:30 in the morning. The 89 CSX-VNT that was in the corner is gone. Strictly Cobras, 'stangs and a Series 1.

It appears that they are building replicas now, but my limited Vegas schedule did not allow for me to take the tour, so I cannot be certain.
Well, I guess that answers if they are open. I was at the Gardenia, CA site in early 2001, and most of the Shelby Dodge cars had been moved there. 87 CSX #1 was sitting outside. It had expired TX inspection tags, and quite a few miles on it. Supposedly, there were many Shelby Dodges in a storage site a few miles away. I tried to negotiate a sale with Shelby for a the complete lot (including Maserati and HH powered cars, and AK-1). That fell through. Anyway, I'm guessing that the cars are still there. The 89 CSX and 86 GLHS #001 were both in a warehouse behind the main Shelby American building a few years ago.
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