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Shelby Wheels spec's ?

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Can anyone tell me what sizes the Shelby wheels came in (15x?), the bolt circle size, and I could really use the backspacing sizes ( in inches, that +/- something in confusing to me). Thanks:confused:
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Centurions were 15x6, 87 Lace wheels I think are 15x6 but don't know on that, LeMans and fiberides were 15x6.5
CS Pumpers were 16x6.5
the pumpers I have are 16 x 6 the daytona crab rims were 15 x6.5 - shadow ones were 15 x 6

but the OP was asking about back spaceing / off set - I don't have the answer to that off hand

I believe the bolt spaceing is 5 on 100 mm
CS Pumpers were 16x6.5
Every CS Pumper was 16X6 as well as the Ninjas and 16" Lace.......
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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