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long time no see turbododge!! how you been?

so im about to go look at an 85 lancer 2.2 t1 98k miles 5 spd supposed to be pretty nice. he says its stuck in 2nd and he can move the shifter forwards and back but its still in 2nd
when i had my shadow it did something similar, but that was so long ago i dont remember exactly what the problem was. i remember something about a clip. and the linkage itself was fine.

ive been on a subaru binge lately but im thinking about gettin another td

and if i were to buy said car would a stage 2 computer(fwd p) and 803 injectors with and open down pipe yeild some decent power? i know its a log car so im not expecting much but would 180hp be fathomable? im not going to do a t2 conversion because it will be my daily driver so mods will be the less than a day to install variety.(i deliver pizzas..)

mainly i want something sleepery to shut those stupid hondas up with:cool:

(if/when i get it im going to get a decal of the honda emblem and the acura emblems like this HAHAHAHAHAHAHA just to mess with them.):thumb:

cl ad:1985 dodge lancer turbo *lowered*
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