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SLH1 for 91+ cars

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Well with all the talk of brakes lately. Plus my shadow needing brake pads really soon. So I went to the junkyard to do some research.

What did I found out today?

The caravan 60mm calipers/brackets from a 90 and older won't work. The mounting brackets aren't even close to bolting onto a newer knuckles.

Now to the good news. Caravans and dynastys share the 60mm caliper. Same part numbers for the two. What it is even sweeter? You can reuse the caliper mounting brackets. Its the same piece for 54mm and 60mm calipers.

So to upgrade a 91+ car with 54mm calipers. You just need the 60mm calipers and 24mm master cylinder.

I can't say about a SLH3 upgrade. Only sticking point I say was the mounting brackets. The IROC in the junkyard had it's brackets well rusted over. So I couldn't read a part number off those.

I haven't tested my theory on a working car yet. I did a test fit on parts in the junkyard using a dodge shadow. I then tried parts off a 90 Turbo Mini and a 93 Caravan. Then I cross referenced the part numbers on shadows, caravan and dynasty. The caliper brackets all shared the same part numbers. The calipers from the caravan/dynasty had the same part numbers.

Next week I'll be upgrading my entire brake system on my shadow. I just need to order new front ss braided lines for my shadow.
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rotors, calipers, caliper brackets, pads and MC

You'd want the 11" rotors, 60mm calipers, caliper brackets to adapt the 60mm's to your original knuckle, appropriate pads, and the 24mm MC. 91+ cars all used the same steering knuckle with different brake setups via a bolt on caliper adapter. The 89/90 cars had seperate knuckles for the big and small brake cars.
Just put on the bigger 60mm piston calipers, new dyansty pads and 24mm master cylinder.

The 60mm piston calipers will definitely fit without changing the caliper bracket. I had to remove a shim from one pad on each side to fit without problems.

I'm using dynasty pads, which seem no different then a shadow's pad. When I was in the junkyard I thought caravan pads were bigger. So I need to check that out. I'd rather have the wider pads for more bit.

Most of my braking performance came from the 24mm master cylinder. But the car does lock up alot easier now. Overall I'm happy.

only reason for the thin rotor / thick pad system on the caravan was to get better life out of the pads. from a rotor life standpoint and outright performance from better heat absorption properties a thicker rotor / standard pad setup is more logical!

the dyansty 60mm/10-1/4" setup w/ 24mm m/c is a great upgrade for early 90's cars such as a base model shadow, spirit, lebaron, etc!
OK guys. I have a 92 Shadow and i went and got the 60mm calipers and brackets off a 90 Caravan. There is no way that caliper adaptor is bolting to my spindle. and theres no way this caliper is fitting on my current caliper brackets, because the bracket is a two pin design and the caravan calipers are one pin. What caliper brackets do i need to get this thing to work? Any caravan over '91? Im a little lost here. and i dont want to have to replace spindles.

thanks guys
You can use either caravan or dynasty/new yorker that is 91+. You won't need the brackets. The bracket fits both 54mm and 60mm calipers
as long as the brackets came off a car w/ 10-1/4" rotors i would guess?!
capev86 said:
as long as the brackets came off a car w/ 10-1/4" rotors i would guess?!

Correct, the brackets are different for 10 inch to 11 inch for obvious reasons, :D
turbovanman said:
Correct, the brackets are different for 10 inch to 11 inch for obvious reasons, :D
I have an extra set of caliper brackets for the 91+ lebaron/shadow/deytona 11" brakes if anyone needs them.

I have also seen that there are a couple different versions of the 11+ brackets. One version has a lip on the back side that comes up around the caliper and the other doesn't.

Rear Brakes

I got the new 60mm setup all done up front and i went to bolt on my 89 rear disc brakes on to the 92 shadow, but it seems the calipers are sitting as close as the possibly can to the mounting plate. So there is no travel on the sliders. Do i need new spindles and hubs from a disc brake car? Im just using the spindles and hubs from the drums that were there.
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