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I finally got my 88 shelbyZ running.
The car misses sometimes at idle. I did a cold compression check 120-120-95-120. I added a small squirt of oil to #3 and got 120-120-95-120. So I'd guess it in the upper end. The car also runs really hot, over half the gauge at freeway speeds and 3/4 up the temp gauge at city speeds. This is driving slow too.

The car:
Stock shelby Z t2 1000 miles on rebuilt engine. Just did second oil change to mobil1 with a 5.0 filter.
I have boost set to 13 with a grainger valve

22 - i just checked the timing. it was set to 15-16ish
45 - I was dialing in the g-valve and forgot to hook back up the wastegate can one time, now that was fast :)
55 - end

Now my questions are:
is 15-16 too much timing? I run 12 on my other car. If so could that cause the miss and hot running.
What else could I check?
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