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Smoked Daytona Taillights?

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Any pictures? I'm thinking about doing it tomorrow.
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post em when u do it. I've also been considereing it
lol I guess i'm going to be breaking ground with this one. Pictures saturday, after i wash/wax the beast.
Did you forget to post pics? I am really excited to see what it would look like as I am planning to do it to my shadow.

Please post pics Moof.

Are you guys talking about that spray that you can buy or does someone make aftermarket taillights?
they make them for 1 st gen daytonas
My Canadian tire does not carry the spray tint. As a matter of fact, my Canadian tire is the worst place i've ever dealt with. They refused to order me in a Dynomax Mufler.

I'll pick up some spray tint the next time I head down to Winnipeg.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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