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I have 2.2 in my GLHT that was rebuilt 20k miles ago. We melted #1 piston, which dropped the compression from 125 to 90. We threw in new pistons and rings, and I have 10-15 easy miles on it since getting it back together. Compression is now 118-125-125-125 (was 125x4 before meltdown). I expect the 118 is due to some unusual/eneven glazing I noticed where #1 melted. The thing smokes like wild now though, mostly grey, tint of blue sometimes. It smokes pretty well constantly; far, far worse than it did with the melted piston. There is what appears to be oil in the tailpipe as well. There is no blow-by either. I can only assume this relates to the oil control rings or expander? Anyone run into this before? I am going to try hammering on it to see if they seat, but wanted to see if anyone else has been down this road. I've never had a rebuild smoke before!

I originally thought it must be the turbo, but we replaced it with what was believed to be a good one (worked when I removed it). There is no oil in the turbo hoses or intercooler. I even disconnected the oil feed to the turbo (blocked the turbine also) and dropped the downpipe, and still it smokes, so not the turbo I guess! I poked at the stem seals and the are still soft and appear to be well seated. PCV is stock TII airbox and plumbing.
probably damaged an oil ring on assembly, didn't properly install oil ring/expander, didn't deglaze cylinder wall properly, these are all causes of oil smoke with good compression
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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