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I have a 1991 Dodge Daytona Shelby for sale, in Ontario - Region A.

Mileage: 240,000 km
VIN: 1c3xg74j3mg149834
Engine Size: 2.5

Asking price is $$6000 US

Unfortunetly, my life has changed alot lately and I have decided to put this car up for sale. I am well aware that it seems like alot to ask for this car but I know that I easily have double that amount into it, along with all of my time and effort as well. Except for the paint and body work, I have done everything else on this car including sandblasting and painting all of the suspension parts, as well as disassembly and re-assembly of the car. No expense was spared on this car. This car was at the SDAC 22 car show, so some of you may have seen it in person already.

This car was origanally from British Columbia, and did not come to Ontario until 2005 or so, wich is why it wasnt a rust bucket when I first got it. It has the Radiant Red leather seat option, 2.5 turbo, 5 speed, high torque calibration, Infinity2 sound system, Enthusiast driver seat, power windows, locks, mirrors, rear defrost, rear wiper, A/C, overhead console with temperature display, factory cd player, 16" pumper wheels, Indy red paint.

Drivetrain- 2.5 common block. Bored .020" over.
Forged JE pistons, balance shafts removed. Fully balanced bottom end.
Very mild port job on the head, just cleaned it up basically. Stock camshaft.
Forward Motion E2 turbocharger. TU 3" swingvalve.
Car is running a front mount Turbo XS intercooler, along with the stock radiator and condenser setup.
I would say this engine probably has 8,000kms on it total since I had it built in 2005.
The transmission is a stock A-568 with a TU clutch.
Exhaust is a 3" downpipe into a Magnaflow 3" converter, and a race bullet muffler, exiting out the side.
Stock high torque engine calibration is used.

Body- Car was taken down to absolutly nothing, no glass, no wiring or anything before body work began on it so nothing was in the way for painting. A positive Impressions decal set for a '89 Daytona Shelby was used so I could use the "intercooled turbo" decal for the hood. The front fog lights and front marker lamps are new NOS mopar pieces I used wich is why they look so good. One detail that I have not been able to find is a new antenna cable. It goes from the radio all the way out to the fender where it turns into the base point where the antenna mast screws onto. The old one was damaged by the body shop when they took it off of the fender.

Interior-The seats were re-done in all new leather by an upholstry shop. New carpet. New NOS shift knob. NOS steering wheel. I had the window tint redone on all the windows.

Suspension- All suspension pieces kframe, rear axle, control arms, sway bars were all sand blasted and painted by me. All new bushings, wheel bearings, ball joints, struts, shocks, steering rack, tie rods, brakes, calipers, it is all brand new.

Wheels - The wheels have been refinished by a wheel refinishing shop here in town, and powder coated the factory color. There is ZERO curb rash on any of them and they look absolutly brand new. Tires are Bridgestone RE091 Pole Positions, still in new condition.

I am sure I have forgot some details, but that is the majority of it in a nut shell.

Here you can see the car from the begining, the tear down, and the rebuild.
http://s72.photobucket.com/user/Evil...ytona Shelby


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Based on my recent experience restoring a stock Daytona you have over $20,000 invested in your car not including what it cost you originally. Try adding up receipts if they were saved.

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eah ..
"oh crap"

exactly what I'm thinkin' reading your post

......WAS waiting hopefully ... for THAT to pop back up on the local kijiji for sale pages
..seen it twice but no third time charm

congrats .. enjoy ... MUCH !!!

I would

hopefully this means the silver EIGHTY FIVE daytona CS T top car(!!!!!!) pops back up soon
That's THE one I want...I even already have the correct NOS blue CS fender tags for it

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I have always been a big fan of the Spirit R/T, even had a silver one. It unfortunately caught fire and was totaled. Someday I will probably get another, but seeing this car I may just have to change my mind and go for one of these. Very nice car, the new owner will love it.

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Good job in purchasing the car! I PM'd the seller a long time ago and never got a response. Ended up buying CSX-T #614 listed at the top of the for sale section instead. Looked like a pretty Daytona for sure!
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