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SOLVED -Has anyone installed an aftermarket keyless entry on a 87 Dodge Daytona ShelbyZ successfully?

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Hi, new to this forum as I just acquired an 87 Dodge Daytona ShelbyZ in good shape but everything is original and 35 years old. I mean everything is original, dry rotted and nothing has been modified.
Power door locks work well. I'm trying to install an aftermarket keyless entry system to have the door locks work with a remote . I'm trying to install the Directed Electronics Inc./ Avital # 2101L and can't seem to figure out the wiring. This system is exactly the same as the popular basic keyless system DEI/ Viper 451m and uses the same wiring harness. I searched this forum and found several posts but no one, that I could find, has successfully installed one and have it work properly. I have the Dodge wiring diagram but can't seem to have all the functions work.
Has anyone installed a positive 5-wire reverse polarity keyless entry system?
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Thanks Bill,
I do have my Daytona Shelby wiring diagram for the door locks and the DEI/ Avital # 2101L instructions and thought I had the wiring correct but it blows a fuse. Because your LeBaron and my Daytona Shelby have the reverse polarity switches something is not correct. The DEI./ Avital # 2101L booklet does not have instructions or diagrams for reverse polarity systems, only identifies what each wire is and tells you to have it professionally installed. Two of the wires (Violet and Violet/Black) are joined/fused and came that way. I'm wondering because of reverse polarity, if those Violet wires need to be disconnected? Since you had your LeBron working if you experienced this issue or how you did it. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks.
Edit - no need for relays as the Avital comes built in.
So I do need relays. I wonder why the DEI./ Avital # 2101L booklet does not mention anything about relays however, does mention to get it professionally installed. Hope you all don't mind I will use this forum for professional advice : ) Back to figuring out the wiring diagram and installing two relays then...Thank you all,
The DEI/ Avital # 2101L installation manual is here online:
Page 4 lists the harness and all the connectors labeled. With some luck maybe the harness will be the same including the wiring colors.
Thank you so much for taking a look.
Wow! All the detail is much appreciated and in such a nice way that I can follow you written directions clearly in my mind without even looking at the wiring diagram. Or maybe because I have looked at our car's power door lock's wiring diagram so much it is permanently imprinted in my brain. I see where my problems were. I thought I can use the main wires to the motor for it to be centrally tied but I see how you are explaining it. When you say " gray unlock wire" do you think I can use the PINK wire and when you say " gray lock wire" can I use the ORANGE wire? Or will it not work because they are going thru the switch? I already have splices on the orange and pink wires.
Thank you for all your help.
Oh I see, OK Thanks. I've been showing my 16 year old son all the wiring and your suggestions, since we jointly own the car and are restoring it together. He is very interested in all the restoration but he is very busy with school. We'll try it tonight when we both get home.- Thanks
Thanks BIll for the clarification,
Before putting it on the car, last night I bench tested your set-up with a 12v battery and voltmeter to see if everything will work properly with the Avital. It kind of did. I could hear the relays clicking and checked for voltages and continuity. Everything seemed to work as it should, sometimes. I could hear the lock relay had one click and the unlock two clicks. Sometimes the unlock relay would not always click properly ( I would have to push the unlock button several times) and sometimes inititate several seconds after pushing the remote button and somtimes I would hear a third click much later. When that happens I would not get a signal. Not sure, but I probably fried it earlier or maybe one of the relays was always bad in the Avital. I ordered another one and will see how that behaves. The saga continues...
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Thank you Bill the door drawing and the book helps a lot. I don't know how I will ever repay you. These are some valuable resources. When finished I'll post a summary write-up with pictures for the next person who wants to put in a remote keyless entry in our cars.

Bummer the splice X2-6 is inside the door. After replacing the window scrapers I thought I would never have to go into the door again, but now I can easily take it apart without breaking anything. Also a bummer is that the cowl end harness is difficult to get to. I can barely reach up in there with the side kick panel off. I don't want to break anyhting all the wiring and attachments seem fragile.
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On the bright side the X2 ground is right there close to the floor and the power-seat power W5 12 gauge red wire is also right there (as seen in this picutre dangling behind the emergency brake foot pedal) for easy connection to +12V connection. I think all I'll need to do is run two wires to the X2 splice inside the door to cut and solder to the gray lock and unlock wires. I can hide the Avital box behind the kick panel. What do you think?
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Well my son was off school today, so I took some time off too and we tackled installing the DEI/ Avital # 2101L. A big thank you to Bill for helping me.... 2 weeks of posting/planning on here, 2.5 hours for installing and it is finised. Everything works, nothing broken on the car and best of all no blown fuses.
Thank you Bill.:)


Big thanks to Bill (85LebaronT2) for helping me, I couldn’t have done it without his wisdom.

These instructions are for 1987 Dodge Daytonas and possibly other late 80’s Chryslers with reverse polarity door lock systems. The keyless entry system using the DEI/ Avital # 2101L (and the similar DEI/ Viper 451m). This setup is for basic lock/unlocking.
The Avital manual is here online: https://www.directeddealers.com/manuals/IG/Avital/N2101L_2009-01_web.pdf
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Here is the list of connections as seen in the picture

I bunched all the ground wires together (Black, Wh/blk and Br/blk)

I bunched all the +12V together (Red and Violet)

Gr/blk wire goes to Gray lock wire

Bl/blk wire goes to Gray unlock wire

This setup will leave the stock switches functional, and the Avital will also be able to lock and unlock your doors. The Avital’ s unused wires can be cut off or saved in a bundle for later use. I did not need to use the horn function or the light blinking function as the locks make so much noise, I can hear them far away.

First go into the door harness. Looking behind the door lock switch the gray wire next to the orange is the LOCK wire and the gray wire next to the pink is the UNLOCK wire. The splice where both join to a common ground is located about 4 inches from the button switch in the harness. You can see the bulge at the taped harness, there is also a thinner gray wire spliced into all this that goes to the power side mirrors. Cut only the two gray 14-gauge wires that go from the switch to the splice (before the splice), disconnecting it from the switch. You will connect additional wires to these.

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Connect two wires or I used a cord and note which is lock and unlock wires, Fish the two wires thru the rubber door jamb boot. Thought the rubber boot would be fraglie, even after 35 years it is pliable. To make it easy to feed thru the boot I dislodged the boot end at the body to slowly feed if thru, with one hand inside the door and the other hand moving the boot around to feed the wire thru.
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Inside the car remove the lower dash and side kick panel. Can be done without removing the lower dash but better to see everything.
Then feed your two wires/cord into the body and behind the wires next to the foot brake.

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I placed the Avital behind the kick panel underside of the dash.

The ground wires can be connected to the existing ground screw behind the kick panel.

The +12v power I connected to the existing Red power-seat connector also located there.

Lastly connected the lock and unlock wires to the Avital accordingly.

Boom everything works, even with the remote more than 30ft. away. Took two and half hours, but I had prior experience taking the door trim off from before, replacing/rebuilding the window scrapers.
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Very good! Nice write up and pictures. Now you see why I recommended taking the lower part of the dash off. Your dash is essentially what I installed in my 1986 K27 Lebaron, it came out of a 1989 J21 Lebaron coupe, which replaced the Chrysler Laser.

BTW, your interior looks like the same color as mine.
View attachment 284545
Love the red interior and the plush carpeting. My floor mats are a bit dirty since this car was originally from Montana and still has old red sand in it. Anyone under the age of 20 is very impressed and shocked with the red interior as they have never seen a car with a full red interior before.
You were right seeing everything under the dash made installation easier.
That is the original interior color for mine, loads of fun finding material to match.
It hasn't been a problem so far. We bought the Shelby with the speaker cover on the lower door missing, however, the frame was there. My older son goes to Virginia Tech whose colors are dark red-maroon. Same maroon as our interior. I used one of his old Va-Tech sweatshirts, turned it inside out and the fleece fabric looks just like our interior carpet. Cut, stretched and wrapped it across the speaker frame and it matches.
Another tip I found strolling thru Home Depot one day is Outdoor Fabric Spray Paint. Parts of the interior have faded. Home Depot has dark red/maroon fabric spray paint. I've tested a small area of the seat and it is a perfect color match. It soaks in well and blends into the fabric, unlike regular spray paint that would sit on the top, it blends into the fabric like dye. The last step of our restoration is to detail, fully vacuum-steam clean the interior and then repaint some areas of the interior that have faded, to make it look new again.
Here is the fabric spray paint:
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Guess what reared it's head while I was looking for something else:
View attachment 284837
If you need any other wiring information, let me know.
Thank you Bill,
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