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SOLVED -Has anyone installed an aftermarket keyless entry on a 87 Dodge Daytona ShelbyZ successfully?

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Hi, new to this forum as I just acquired an 87 Dodge Daytona ShelbyZ in good shape but everything is original and 35 years old. I mean everything is original, dry rotted and nothing has been modified.
Power door locks work well. I'm trying to install an aftermarket keyless entry system to have the door locks work with a remote . I'm trying to install the Directed Electronics Inc./ Avital # 2101L and can't seem to figure out the wiring. This system is exactly the same as the popular basic keyless system DEI/ Viper 451m and uses the same wiring harness. I searched this forum and found several posts but no one, that I could find, has successfully installed one and have it work properly. I have the Dodge wiring diagram but can't seem to have all the functions work.
Has anyone installed a positive 5-wire reverse polarity keyless entry system?
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power locks , windows and seat use a circut breaker..not a fuse

a fuse will always burn up if used for these unless you are really quick to release the button at "end of travel" of the mechinism
the circut breaker trips , then resets .. this is why you hear the mechinism clicking once it reaches end of travel

the circut breakers are the silver "boxes on the fuse panel that fit in any regular fuse position..except they go in the position for the locks windows or seat
usually there are only two circut breakers in our cars
well, you need the circut breakers mopar would have put in the fuse box for the power motor equiped accessories.. first and formost..

Idono about relays..that would be part of the remote lock deal you wanna add

but power accessories NEED circut breakers or you'll have a blown fuse EVERYTIME you run them
if it helps to know
there is only one door harness in a daytona
it runs from the back of the drivers door , out the front into the door jamb then up and across the cowel to the passenger side . down to the jamb and into the passenger door

it plugs into the dash harness at both sides .. just up behind the bottom corners of the dash where you'll find a grey 25 way connector on each side of the car

rear body and console harness' also connect at those 25 way connectors

none of the above applies to an 84 though..compleately different kind of horse
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yep sounds simular
the 87-89 J body lebarons were slightly different in lay out as the lighter and ash tray light wires come down at the center of the dash
though the J body dash or door wiring isn't interchangable..at least not so if you want the power mirrors to work
a handy trick
try to find the distance away from the car where the remote no longerworks
then take ten more stepsaway
hold remote against your head and push the button
it should increase the range of the remote
not kidding
the fliud around your brain and the "dome" of the skull casing will actually amplify the remotes signal strength

always handy to remember when you're half way across the parking lot and you remember you forgot to lock it
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