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90 daytona es 2.5 turbo

many modifications (full list elsewhere on this forum), those which probably affect the sound of the car the most are:

19" x 14" x 3.5" front mount intercooler with 2.5" tubing
cone air filter located in front of battery
Greddy Type RS blow off valve on hot intercooler pipe on bottom of car facing clutch lever on tranny
2.5" garret swingvalve
full 3" exhaust with no cat
3" maganflow glass pack in stock location
exhaust dumps BEHIND rear bumper

boost set to 14psi, at this pressure dyno says we are making 226whp, 284wtq


all clips were recorded with special binaural microphones in MY EARS! it is HIGHLY recommended you play back these sound clips with HEADPHONES, and if you have any bass/trebel adjustments adjust them to be NEUTRAL.

all the 3D spatial orientation of the sounds heard when driving the car have been preserved, it will sound just like you are there! but only if you wear headphones!

these clips sound very close if not dead-on to how the car actually sounds from the drivers seat, they are not too bassy or too trebelly. so set your bass boost/bass/trebel to off/neutral etc...

these were recorded with both windows down so there is some wind noise.

first clip:

startin 'er up, revving, car halfway in garage, half on driveway


second clip:

on the road, sorry for the early shifts, there was alot of traffic

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