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Southern Maryland "MOPAR OLD SCHOOL/NEW SCHOOL" M&G APR 5th with Rally to Follow!

I can't post a URL until I have 5 posts....

UPDATE 3/5/08

OK everyone, its exactly one calendar month from today for the big event!!! I spoke with the dealership and they will have a local FM radio station on site the day of the event to help pull in more LX's!!

I've been working on getting trophies picked out and will have updates on hotel probably by this weekend.

I'm asking everyone to put your feelers out to help get the OLD SCHOOL guys guys to come out to the event, lets hope for a good turn out. I've been working on that!!!

WHO's COMING: (Updated 3/06/08)

1) Charger SXT
2) jay2g1
3) stealthrider
4) swexlin
5) moparknighthawk
6) jbzzrd041980
7) Immo
8) davey28
9) DP03
10) TonyV
11) Slow4Dr
12) Scruffeone
13) chess
14) GLHS837
15) Funk Doctor
16) soccerbachelor
17) b-mack11
18) Gr8srt8
19) CrashTest
20) Motor18
21) PlumCrazySRT8
22) rickgonz
23) Hemi_charger_RT
24) FlagHarbour
25) Strat
26) marshall9779
27) sublime154
28) Knightmare65
30) Ken Lally
31) CplDaugherty
32) Eagle3T
33) Ghostface Mag
34) convbcuda
35) BrilliantBlackHemi
36) pgcharger
37) 2006 TopBanana
38) Mrfreeze
39) Strykker
40) jayalbertcars
41) lilcardwell
42) Icewood_Jr
43) Floyd
44) JerseyTechGuy
46) LadyInBlack
47) wishing for hemi
48) CSRT4 Buddy
49) Crazy Charger SRT8
50) JohnQuar
51) Bluemi
52) Mase
53) MrFreeze
54) markus
55) MagKing
56) Wiredawghall
57) damageinc
58) Mikecav
59) viper3ez's
60) Daytona 1553

UPDATE 2/6/08

Whats up everyone?? I just updated our WHOs COMING list and we are at 36 people already and that doesn't even count the Old School guys. I'm working on getting that information. To be posted soon. A few things:

1) Prince Frederick Dodge has informed me that they are getting 3 fully loaded Hemi Orange Daytona's in a couple of weeks. They want to let you guys know they'll work a deal with you if your interested in one. I'll post pics the day they arrive!!

2) We are switching to TROPHIES for the BEST IN SHOW contest for all categories. They will be sweet I promise!!!!!

3) I'm almost done with the HOTEL stuff, I'm working hard to get deals.

4) I need volunteers to video...let me know if you can...


Hey everyone, how is it going? Well its that time again to announce our first Meet and Greet for 2008!! Prince Frederick Dodge has agreed to sponser our first 'MOPAR OLD SCOOL/NEW SCHOOL' Meet and Greet to be held Saturday April 5th, 2008 from 10:30am to 1:30pm. This meet and greet will be too cool. I have contacted several MOPAR Car Clubs and have invited them to our meet. We're looking at the old school here, like the Chargers, Cuda's, Challengers, Road Runners and I'm hoping to get some Super Birds if the guys are willing to bring em out!!! The M&G will be strickly MOPAR and us NEW SCHOOL guys will have an oppurtunity to mingle with the OLD SCHOOL guys and just have fun! I'm hoping we get some old Hemi's too. Right now we have a positive thumbs up from the MARYLAND MOPAR CAR CLUB and hope we get a nice turn out from these guys, here is a snapshot of the member's rides:

Anyway I'm so excited about this M&G!! Like usual we will have the following:

1) BEST IN SHOW CAR CONTEST. We plan on tweeking this catagory this time around by breaking down into futher catagorys. On the NEW SCHOOL side we will have:

R/T Chargers
SE/SXT Chargers

I still need to work out the OLD SCHOOL side and will announce that shortly. I want to contact those guys and ask them for some help.

Winners of all catagories will win a $100 Gift Certificate to the OUTBACK STEAKHOUSE!!!

2) FOOD!!!!!!!! and I mean FOOOOODDDDD!!! Again, like before, the dealership will be providing us with free burgers/dogs and more - bring an appetite!!

3) This time we hope to have a wider variety of MOPAR Paraphinalia for sale like caps, t-shirts, coffee Mugs and so on. This will be better this time I promise.

4) Limited addition APR 2008 to APR 2009 Calendars will be available with both OLD SCHOOL and NEW SCHOOL members cars. More to come on this, same price $25.

5) A 50/50 raffle will be held benefiting the MS Foundation. Winner takes 1/2 the pot. Tickets will be $1 and 6 for $5. The dealership has agreed to match our contribution to the MS Foundation!! (This is to help out IMMO!!!!)

6) Like before I am assembling a road rally/cruise for after the meet. Our destination will be Solomons Island but this time we will be taking a much more scenic route. Once in Solomons we will do our parade then end up hopefully where we were last time to assemble for the exhaust contest and photo shoot.

7) I am still working on getting a Restaurant to host our final resting place for dinner and cheers. It will be sweet, water front and all. More to come on this piece!!

So mark your calendars and prepare for an awesome event. Like I had mentioned I am in contact with a BUNCH of Mopar Clubs in the tristate area and this may well be a huge thing!!

I have lots of stuff going too as I continue to seek further sponsorship from local business's and hotel deals for those coming in from afar. There now is a Marriott and a Hilton with big well lit parking lots for your rides. I'll also get the local yocals to watch our cars too.

So gear up man. Start polishin. And be sure to check back for updates!!!
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