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Speaker Install Question

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Hey guys

What are my options for installing my new aftermarket speakers (Pioneer)
in my Daytona? Which will be the easiest? Which will deliver the best sound?

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Also, I just remembered that the wire connectors on the end are cut off...will it be easiest to just go find another vehicle (which chryslers used the same ends as my daytona?) with the same ends and wire them back on or do I have another easier option? If I did go get those ends, I could just get some speaker connectors (from crutchfield or best buy, etc.) and be done?

i just ran my own wire to all the the 2 in the doors and the 2 in the side panels but i didnt want to cut all the connectors off cant rem what size is in doors 5 1/4 or 6 1/2 but ones in back are 5x7 , if connectors are off go ahead and use them with some speaker connectors
you can get connectors from any electronic shop.....it dosnt matter what car you have...but certain speakers have different connectiors, so your gonna want to get speakers first. You can also just solder the wire to the terminals.

Front speakers should be 5.25" and rear can be 5x7" or 6x8"......I really dont know what brand to suggest until I know a basic price your looking at....

Infinity are good speakers you can get almost anywhere.....I personally really like Focal and Canton....but those are really expensive. Infinity speakers are probobly the best speakers you can easily find for a descent price. I would suggest infinity over pioneer.

Easiest...as long as they are the right size they are all equal work pretty much. All you really got to do is connect the wires, and then screw the speaker in place....and put on the cover, PRESTO.
big_country said:
Which will deliver the best sound?

That opens up a big can of worms. :p But you did mention easiest. A new set of the right sized speakers will just drop in place of the stockers.

Some aftermarket speakers have push terminals, so all you would need is to strip ½" bare wire on the end of the speaker wire.

You can buy crimp style speaker terminals otherwise.

Did I hear Canton? :D
Hey guys,

Thanks for the responses. I think I have confused everyone. I already have some Pioneer speakers. When I went to install them I realized that the connectors (the black things on the ends of the stock wires) were snipped off by the previous owner (I have no idea why).

Grim, you say you ran completely new wires? Did you mean from the HU back to the speakers? How hard is this?

Alberta Daytona, so you are saying I could go to an electronics shop and get new connectors to wire up in place of my non-existent ones? How would I know which ones to buy? Also, you say I can just solder the wires...does this mean I could just leave things how they are (i.e. connector-less) and solder the ends to the speaker terminals?

Sorry for the lack of electronic know-how fellas, please don't take it as a lack of common sense and car knowledge. I hope we can get this fixed and have me listening to my new speakers soon!

Alberta_Daytona said:
I personally really like Focal and Canton....but those are really expensive.

Actually, Focal makes some awesome speakers they call their 'Access' line. I swear by the 6.5 inch coaxials that I have, and I think i paid $99 for the pair.

Bump, because I need some answers.
You have the speakers, so basically all you need to do is connect the wiring, I'm gathering?

Since it's already connected at the head unit (cd or tape deck or whatever) all you need to do is connect them to the speakers, I believe.

Basically, you have 2 options:

1. Solder them. Get yourself some solder and a soldering gun and connect the speaker wire to the terminals on the back of the speaker.

2. Go to an auto parts store, in the wiring section, and grab a package of spade crimpers. Basically these are the female connector that will slide over the spade terminals on your speakers. If you have a crimper, all you need to do is buy these, strip the ends of the wire, crimp them on, and then slide them onto the speaker terminals.

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