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Spirit LSD?

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As far as I know my car was all stock when I bout it. But i've had numerous of people tell me both of my tires are spinning. So, I put it to the test the other day, and did a launch. Left 2 solid black mariks down the street prolly about 100ft or so. I know a little over then what I needed to do. But I shouldn't be doing that if I have the stock differential right?
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Jack up the car, put the gear in neutral, turn one wheel. If both wheel turn the same direction, you have a LSD, if not, you don't.

Leaving 2 tire mark doesn't necessary mean you have a LSD, could be both side of the car is really balanced.
means your sway bar bushings aren't binding up.
means your sway bar bushings aren't binding up.
I thought you didn't want your bushings to bind up?
You don't. But yours sound like they're in good enough condition that they aren't binding as bad as some out there. In the corners it will still bind.
Well I found out that I don't. I also found out that that is what causing my mysterious spark I see when I wheel hop.
I unfortunately don't have lsd. Spark is from wheel hopping.
I'm not sure. I would like to know myself.
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