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Upgrade your R/T!! Complete overhead console for AA body, plugs into and works on my 91 R/T, came out of 92 Spirit so I know both R/T years are covered. Other than that....<shrug>.

Needs cosmetics, all bins/doors/buttons work, email for details. Includes the following:
- console itself including (4) map/dome lights, temp/comp display, sunglass and garage door opener bins
- COMPLETE and UNCUT wiring harness from windshield to trunk including all connectors and fasteners (gray connector in trunk, ground lug in trunk, defrost connector, sunvisor light connectors, christmas tree pushpin holders)
- my instruction sheet on how to install (it was a b**ch to get out)
- temp sensor for under radiator (broken screw hole, have to zip tie but it works fine)
- bracket to attach console to roof of car
- cloth template to cut your headliner (if you are upgrading)
- instructions (once I find 'em) from FSM on how to calibrate compass for your car

All prices "plus actual shipping" from 21702

$75 as-is (compass works, needs calibrated; temp works; no cloth)
$100 with dome lights fixed, tested, guaranteed; no cloth
$125 fixed, tested, and new headliner material attached in *your* interior color (gray/silver, blue, black or maroon available).

EMAIL if you have any questions, [email protected]. I do not check PMs and they will likely go unnoticed. First come first served, certified check or MO.

Thanks for looking!
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