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spirit r/t fog lights (2 pair +1 lens

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i have 2 pairs with good housings and lenses $35 shipped each pair
i also have 1 good lens $10 shipped
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I will take one of the pairs of lenses and housings. Where do I need to send the payment?
Do you by chance have any pictures of the sets? I want to double check on the condition.

ok since you asked,

first pair

they are the 2 better ones, i cleaned them up a little with meguiars plastx cleaner.
one has 2 little rock chips that you cant see in the pic, you have to look very close.

2nd pair

one has a liitle chrome starting to wear off at the outer edges and black is showing through, but looks good on the car, the other one has a little oversparay on the back of it and has a spider egg sack in the corner of the lense.
this pairs comes with the 8" wire lead and bulb socket but socket has the tabs broke a liltte.

here is the spare lense, its as clean as the first pair.

*these are the plastic ones that come on the 91-92 es, i can get the glass lensed metal housings ones too that came off the aa lebarons and the acclaims. they have a different bulb socket with the ruber around the socket but the connectors at the end are the same, so they are interchangeable, the mounts are different also.
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Thanks, for the pics, and you can consider the first set taken and the extra lens as well. I will have the payment to you here in a few hours. Thanks.
no problem. i might put the other set on ebay in a couple days if no one here wants them. there is a glass lens set on ebay right now for $41 with a day left on them, so i'll be going back for a few sets of those.
do you know if these will fit on an 89 daytona, I know that they use the same style of light, but I did not know for certain if they are the same fitting. Thanks
i know the daytonas lights screw into the bumper, these go with metal brackets that bolt to the inside of the bumper through the top, but if these would fit in the hole on the bumper of the daytona, i am sure it would look good and wouldnt be too bad to make work. they are 6" x 2 1/2" x 2 3/8" deep.
Thanks, I guess I should just stick with getting the lamps to work before I get spare parts. Consider the money sent. Thanks
if you need daytona fog lights i can get them but they are probably going to be very cloudy and yellow, you would have to wetsand them and use a polish like i have.
how much would it be for those? or will those lens work on it if I swap them over?
they would be the same price. clearance would be the only issue. measure your fog light hole in the bumper and see if the above dimensions will fit, if so it would be easy, these fogs have 2 slots on them to mount with a thin 2" wide metal tab.
but you do have access to daytona style fog lights though?
yes as of right now i have access to one 88 turboz that has the fog lights in the bumper still.
If you would be able to get those with the brackets, I would take those. That way I would know for sure that they are the same as what I have. And if you would like, I can pay you now and just have you ship them out as soon as you get them.
its all on ebay
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