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Spirit R/T vs '99 C5 Vette

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This was the first thing the camera man (Kyle, the admin of 1320video.com) took for the night, so he didn't get a good shot of the Vette.

The Vette, a bone stock 6-speed, ran mid 13's all night (at least the couple of runs I saw of it). This time he ran a 13.867 @ 103.75mph.


My best of the night was a slippery 13.35 @ 110.3 with a 2.29 60ft.

Chalk one up for TEAM TURBO DODGE. :D
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Id like to have seen the Vette owners face....nice job!
you shift like my grandma, lol j/p im sure it helped traction!
my bov doesnt even vent between shifts
seeing that makes me want to get a taco
mopar2ya said:
Id like to have seen the Vette owners face....
Me too after I dope slap him silly for not knowing how to drive his car!

My stock WS6 & 19 PSI 8 valve Daytona put down better #'s than the C5 owner did!
To his defense, he said it was the first time he had drag raced the car and the first time he's drag raced a manual transmission. I thought they were low 13 second cars stock.

He did have at least one 13.5 for the day.
Nice kill Jaylo. Hope you had your direct methane injection hooked up on that run. ;)
charger R/T said:
seeing that makes me want to get a taco
:rofl2: :rofl2: :rofl2: Charger R/T is catching on with JayLo's mind! Too bad Scribner doesn't serve tacos.
I woulda liked to see the burnout in the beginning
Let's just say I was all gased up that day. My car had 5 gallons of 100 octane and I had plenty of CH4 on tap. :D
damn, missed the vid
Yeah, his server is down for a while. I'll update the link as soon as he gets everything back up.
1 - 19 of 19 Posts
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