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Sputter around 5200 RPM HELP

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My car would some times run 7 psi some times 10 due to a leaky wastegate. Well I put a new wastegate on and wow I have some serious boost. 18 psi + here's my problem. I have a Mopar II ecu, stock injectors, adjustable FPR (set at 60 psi) ported head, super 70 turbo, 3" exhaust you name it I have it....Except for the plus 40+ injectors I have them but I haven't put them in since I needed to get a base tune on the dyno and then the wastegate failed. So after a new wastegate around 5200 I get a sputter do you think it's timing or it's running out of fuel? It did this before the new wastegate at 10 psi.

I'm going to change out the injectors

What should the fuel pressure be with a Mopar Stage II ECU to start out at?
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