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So I'm rolling and I see this black ram with a SRT-10 badge on the side, I figure what the hey if he's game I'll give it a go just for fun. I catch up, and give him some BOV right beside him. It took a minute, I think pestered him into wanting to blow me away LOL. So I'm in 3rd, RPM's are high like 3500-4000ish (perfect RPM for a start at a roll) and he just lays on it after the car in front of him turns off at the exit. I got on it .2 seconds after I realized he punched it. However, it did not sound like a Viper engine this was definitely V8. I believe it was a Hemi ram with SRT-10 badges, it has the hood scoop and everything though. I take it up to 115 (top of 4th) and shut it down with him an easy 5 lengths behind. I schooled him turbo dodge style for being a truck ricer. :bash:
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Haha truck ricer lol. How low can you get, placing a srt-10 badge on a average joe ram lol. Nice job putting him in his place though :thumb:
Maybe it was an SRT-10 truck and he was only running on 8 cylinders from racing it too much. LoL. So sad. I've yet to see an actual SRT-10 in person. I would imagine the exhaust note alone would be rather impressive and give it away as the V10 monster it is. The Hemi rumble is nice, but just not the same... unless it's an original Hemi... but that's a whole different level of holy crap if you're racing it. :D
there only runnin on 2" piping. not big at all and pretty stupid. they should have gone with 3" and then they'll have a low 13's truck.
I test drove a SRT-10 and there is nothing like it!! You can feel the hella drag though if one got a bed cover they would be a bad man. Hard to keep the ass end strait in those things...
Actually Matt I think that is an SRT-10. He's been cruisin around before. I gave him some BOV before too but he wouldn't bite. Then again I do drive a Shadow. ;)
No way I've heard vipers before and it's a distinct sound. This really sounded like a Hemi V8. Besides, I'm only running 16 PSI right now because of fuel issues I can't seem to resolve. This wasn't anywhere near you Nate it was a mile from my house. Nate you busy tonight? I might swing by, LMK.
Congrats on the kill. The SRT-10s do have a unique exhaust note; and are fun to drive! It was only the Parking Lot Grand Prix, but it was fun for all of the 45 seconds I drove it. :D The Viper seats are also way comfy.
The real ones have 22" chrome viper style wheels, rear wing, dual pipes straight out the right rear of the bumper, "Ram SRT-10" on the door and a "Viper Powered" decal on the hood. Theres a vortech supercharged one in town that my friend modded at his work, makes 640whp/700wtq. It lights the tires up a 40mph.
It said SRT-10 on the side door, didn't see the Viper Powered on the hood though. It looked like it had big enough wheels but there's so many aftermarket ones who can tell?
Screw it you beat the driver who throught his truck with a wing and stickers was badass sounds like a ricer kill to me. he he he ;-)
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