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SRt-4 Engine Swap in 00 Neon Problem !

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Hi !

I just swapped a 2.4L Turbo from a 2004 Srt-4 into my 2.0L 00 Neon ! I Bought everything : Half-Shaft,Complete engine Wiring Harness, Cluster, Boost Gauge, Engine with Tranny .., Computer, The whole Shifter,the intercooler with piping Master Cylinder Clutch because the 00 Neon is a Cable Clutch and 2004 Srt-4 as the hydraulic's Clutch ! Anyway I got all the Part's to complete my Swap, Engine is in, intercooler is installed and everyting is fine ! The only Problem :mad: I have is the Srt-4 as a Key Chip, and my 00 Neon doesn't have one .. ! So I wanted to know if anybody know what to do ? I don't have the Steering column of the Srt-4 because it's been wrecked ! I wanted to bypass that Key chip but how :bang head ?? I Called the dealer and told me they cannot do that ... I have the VIN serial of the engine to prove that this engine was not stold and I'm having a 100% legal swap ! What would you suggest to do ? Because until that I cannot start the car! But Iv'e aven't tried since, ill try if the car doesn't start, it could be the problem of the keychip that the computer doesn't see ! Thank you !
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I know there have been dealerships that have done SKIM key reflashes but you pretty much have to know someone at a dealer to do it. Or so I'm told...

Not much help, but good luck anyway!
yeah you need the skim, the people that swap the entire harness use all of the wiring(I think cluster also)

the people that dont swap the wiring, just the motor, well they either use a portfueler type setup, MS setup(standalone) or stock with RRR fueling or similar.

The best place for info is neons dot org
all you have to do is buy a new stage one pcm...If the pcm has never seen skim it will never look for it....disconnect the skim module in the 00 column if it has one, some did, some did not in 00.....You can use any srt-4 vin number when you order the computer, you cannot use a standard neon vin....Contact Jimmy at s&p performance, he can order you a new stage computer......He is a vendor on srtforums.com
yea your gona need a new ecu...wal mart can make key copies with the chip its 5o bux
MegaSquirt it. You'll be FAR better off in the long run because you can actually tune for ANY mods you do, you'll be able to monitor when your injectors are reaching their limit, you get a really cool digital dashboard on your laptop that will amaze the ricers. ;) It's also a very cost effective solution, you can get a basic MS2 setup for $250 if you know how to solder, or a pre-assembled one for around $500.
I'm constantly trying to warn people about the SKIM problem, and the instrument cluster hassle, when they talk about doing an SRT4 swap. MegaSquirt gets around all of this. There are even base tunes available for download on SymTech.com, so you barely have to do any tuning at all on a stock SRT4 motor.
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