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SRT-4 SPEED WC Touring Car Testing in 2004

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SpeedTechnik/Hi Speed Motorsports Dodge SRT-4 before the full build for SPEED World Challenge in 2005 and 2006. In this video at Lime Rock Park in October 2004, my boss Hugh does a test & tune with it. The car still had another 200+ lbs. to shed and a cage to add, along with Moton Race Suspension, etc. later on in the winter months. It is NOT ME driving but my boss Hugh.

In this video, the car has street-spec coilovers from Mopar and minor bolt-ons with Toyo RA-1 tires (SCCA restricted the SRT-4 from making too much power). Car has stock intercooler, cold air intake, side exit exhaust & downpipe, stock turbo and boost pressure. Best lap was a 1:02.7. Not too shabby.

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lot funner than drag racing
we have a road course but they won't let the Dodges on it, me and Jay went out with the GLHS and GLH T to race with the beemers. Nope won't have it. Some thing like we can keep up and aren't affraid to rub fenders. Like we would mess up a GLH on a 330

I'd actually like to do autocross on our shifter cart track though lol. Hope to see some tracks open up near here
I am hoping to do some road racing this spring, should i fear the same? Many of you may protest my thought's on this car, but it will receive a full cage. I can count on both hands how many people have died since high school in their poorly set up cars. Street racing is to blame. They closed down the hampton dragstrip, Bridgehampton road course, Freeport raceway, the only thing left is riverhead a tiny roundy round. I am curious why they don't want you on the track (typical politics?, they dont like you passing their 40,000 dollar cars?
they think were driving junkers and are going to rub fenders like the oval track guys.

closing tracks because of street racing is the height of stupidity. Our track opened a friday night street races program that is dirt cheap to pull them off the street.

a cage in a street car is stupid, you must ware a helmit every time you drive it. Or even a little fender bender can end your life with your head hits the cage. A roll bar though is another story
I would think that the car club/racing organizations would be bowing down to more people wanting to do track days/races. With this economy, they shouldn't be so picky. With that said, I realize they might want to isolate the older cars from the newer cars due to the cars' "values", but they should not be the ones to decide. If you have lets say a new $90,000 Nissan GT-R and want to take it on the track for an HPDE, you should be aware of the risks, as the owners of the older, less valuble cars should. There shouldn't be any 'favorites' but i guess nothing can be perfect :(

And in HPDE, one shouldn't worry about if an older, less flashy car is passing you, as it's not about racing them or other cars, but about racing yourself. So that's a big issue that needs to be stressed more often in racing organizations.

To The Pope,
That car club needs to rethink their actions of not letting you on the track because they are losing potential drivers/racers in the future, and I have no doubt that your Omni could show some of the newer cars what speed means :D I know SCCA let's the older Omnis run so at least they're good.
the only ones really using the track at the time were the BMW club and the motor cycle clubs. They didn't have the track run by staff, you rented it and ran it. They allowed though a lot of other types of cars, but not the GLH's
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