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Stage 2 Pcm

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I got a 05 neon Srt4 with upgraded turbo, wastegate, blowoff valve, fuel pressure regulator, and bigger injectors.
would it be a good idea to get a stage 2 or 1 Pcm for it, note that I want to run 20 to 25 psi
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So you're running all that on the stock computer? Depending on what turbo, injectors, etc you have, you may want a stage two or three computer. Even better would be like a Diablo Sport tuner and then getting it dyno tuned. The Diablo has a custom tune already in it, plus the dyno shop can put there tune in it and flash it into you computer. The Diablo tuner can hold multiple tunes also.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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