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stage 3 cal on automatic

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just wondering if anyone out there has got a stage 3 cal from cindy for an auto trans? is it worth the money? is it better than a map clamp and a boostconrtoller? let me know i'd like some feed bak before I just spend the cash:confused::confused:
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I have one and it works great but I still use a boost controller set at fifteen.well worth the money.
the stage 3 rules vs a stock computer. The boost climb is night and day better along with a 10 PSI part throttle. Normally a turbo auto falls on its face as it hits the next gear at part throttle. The stage 3 has a nice powerful linear power delivery during shifts. Gas mileage on the TC has stayed a hair better than 30, average 32 MPG. Better mileage also comes from the lower part throttle boost setting. Boost controlers let you have max PSI at part throttle, which really turns up the fuel. I don't run boost controlers anymore since custom cals got better.
I have a Stage 3 Cal on my auto trans 2.5 turbo. It is set for 15 but I also use a boost control for 18 psi. For as cheap as she sells them, I would definitely buy from Cindy at FWD.
Cindy reprogrammed my 2.5L automatic core and it's probably one of the best mods on my car (1992 Shadow Vert, VNT intercooler, VNT rad, 3" exhaust. The car seems to breathe better and the response is great when I put my foot down. The car is 10X more fun to drive.

My question is just what does the Stage 3 program modify? What parameters changed?

I thought boost was maxed at 15psi w/ Stage 3 but I'm burying the stock boost needle on the car when I get on the gas.

Is this normal or should I get ready to swap a head gasket?

I'm thinking I should install my new boost gage, oil press gage and air/fuel gage to see what the heck is happening.
The stock boost gauge is pretty much just a novelty thing, and to tell you if your actually boosting or not. Get a good aftermarket one and it will tell you where you are exactly.
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