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94 3.0 van, the starter simply stopped working one day last week. Solenoid was fine, nice solid click when the key was turned, but no turn-over. I managed to find enough time to swap the starter today, and I find this:

Any idea WTF that white/greenish stuff is? The starter area of the bell housing seems to be full of it, and when I turn the motor by the pulley, more comes from up out of the bell housing. It looks like it got into the starter wiring and killed it.
It looks and feels like gel deodorant, slightly damp but not slippery. My first thought was deposits from a coolant leak, since it does smell faintly sweet and is slightly green tinted like antifreeze, but the coolant level is fine, and has been for as far back as the owner can remember.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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