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Steering Column identification CSX-T

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I am questioning whether or not the steering column in my CSX-T is original or not.

I've been using ebay to research photos - there seem to be multiple versions of steering cloumns listed that fit shadows and sundances of various years.

In the video you can clearly see that my steering column has a major issue . . . a TON of up and down play. I've found pictures with a white plastic collar/bushing that fits inside of the bracket between the two worm clamps seen in the video. I've also found pictures of other steering columns that look completely different and have the bushing omitted. I've found other parts of the car that have effectively been molested - I just dealt with a rack and pinion with loose bolts on the driver side and NO mounts on the passenger side . . . for example. Scary stuff.

I know this car was once in a junkyard and had under-the-hood parts replaced with those from a LeBaron so it makes me question what else has been done. It is rocking the original CSX-T shelby steering wheel, but I know that means nothing considering you can just bolt those parts on.

Can anyone help shed some light so that I can hopefully eliminate this play in my steering wheel? The play causes the wheel to contact parts that it obviously shouldn't.

Descriptions above videos/pics

My column

"1987-1994 dodge shadow"
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"1987-1988 dodge shadow"
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The lower picture is your column, are you sure that the welds didn’t just break off the lower bracket
The lower picture is your column, are you sure that the welds didn’t just break off the lower bracket
Are you saying the black part of the column should be welded directly to the bracket? I didn't see any weld points, but that might be what's going on.

So you're saying this part should be welded?
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I can look at my car and snap a picture once I’m feeling better maybe on the weekend, damn flu going through our house. Anyways I have a 89 column in my duster which should be the same as yours.
Get well soon. Appreciate the help!
I may have some pictures of the 1989 J body column I used in my 1986 K body Lebaron convertible to match the 1989 J dash. I also have a 1984-86 G body column with the same mounting system. The upper brackets are welded on the column tube, the lower is attached with two small bolts.
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It does appear to be two bolts that hold the bracket to the column, can’t quite see if it’s a separate piece they thread into or if thread into the steel column tube.
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They go into the aluminum piece through the tube if I remember correctly. One of the first disassembly steps is to remove that lower bracket.
Thanks everyone! I'll try to take a peek when I get back from a business trip in a week or so.

You can see a collar with threaded holes in the video I posted, but it doesn't line up with any brackets? I'll double check and will report back with what I find. Thanks again.

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Looks like you have the newer style steering column lower bracket possibly? But why?
This car was in a junkyard at some point in its life so I'm sure it's the result of someone snagging parts wherever they can.

So with that said can I source a 88 and earlier shadow column to resolve my issue?
Let me look and see what I have. I think I have one from a 1986 Chrysler Laser (G body).
I think you just need the steel bracket and the two bolts 87-89 should work but it probably needs to be from a shadow or sundance. If that’s unattainable it’s looks very possible to fabricate and weld a piece on your existing bracket to make it work. Basically a halved piece of pipe with two holes for the bolts.
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