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Steering Knuckle - No Longer Serviced- HELP

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I have a 90 Acclaim, and the steering knuckle that connects the steering column to the steering rack is wore out. (Link to pic below, the pin is highlighted) My car is out of commison right now, that's why I posted this in 'help'


Anyways, I went the the dodge dealer to try and order a new one and was told that this part was no longer serviced, but that 91+ were still available, and that they were most likely the same. The cost though, was $180CDN (his cost) which is just crazy!!

Any suggestions?

- Jim
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junkyard replacement or see if anybody is parting one on here
Looks like a couple I have sitting around. At least one is from a van, and one from an older G or K or J body (84-88 range) the van is 87-89 range. Shipping would probably be the killer going to NB from Southeastern VA.
How soon do you need the joint? i have a 1990 aclaim that I'm junking @ the end of the month. it would be no biggie to pull the u-joint and send it to you.
I need it as soon as I can.... it's my daily driver.

Where are you located 22dodge?
I have a 90 Shadow in Pieces, I will check tomorrow when I get back to work and see if its still around, I took the rack out a few weeks ago!
90Acclaim said:
I need it as soon as I can.... it's my daily driver.

Where are you located 22dodge?
soonest I can have someone pull the part would be next week. i'm in WI if it matters.
Just checked, its still there. How about $50 canadian plus shipping, which should be around $15? I can get it sent out today and you can mail me the money?
Your PM box is full, but yes, its the same, I checked with the dealer. Its also tight!
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