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My rebuilt steering rack just arrived and looks amazing! Accu-Drive did the work (recommended by Steer and Gear, who others on the forum had suggested in the past)

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Accu-Drive 410-242-9170

The rack is original, from my 1987 Shelby Charger. When it went out, it looked like a typical rack with 150K miles of road use. No leaks, but since I'd already dropped the crossmember to overhaul the entire suspension overhauling the 30+ year old rack now is a no-brainer. There are plenty of horror stories about rebuilt units where the "off-the-shelf" unit is not the same quick-ratio unit. I wanted to make certain that my rack was rebuilt and returned, instead of turned in as a core.

Jason at Accu-Drive was excellent to work with. He remembered these racks from back in the day and is equipped to handle "customer specials". The price was very reasonable, and included replacing inner tie rod ends & boots (as well as replacing all seals, clean, re-sleeve, etc.). Turn-around time was incredible. The return shipping package was secure and the rack looks like a brand-new unit! Too bad it's hidden from sight once installed ...

I'd recommend Accu-Drive to anyone looking for a rack rebuild. They're in Baltimore MD, but racks aren't heavy, so shipping isn't prohibitive.
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