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still stalls at clutch in

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recently changed my speedo sensor, installed new plugs(old ones fouled), new head gasket,new vac lines to fuel psi reg, and other stuff not pertaining to my proble(jus needed to be done). but still my 86 t1 omni still stalls at clutch in no matter what speed but starts right up no problem after it stalls it idles fine but from what the plugs tell me i am running pig rich, so i am thinkin that is why i am pullin my hair out and can't play with my car. jus found my fuel presssure check tool thismornin( i moved recently)but i was also thinking possibly my map sensor has gone bad, or my fuel pressure reg has gone bad???? anyone have any input that may be of assistance so i can start killin hondas again?


checked my fuel psi and it was almost and even 50psi went upto 52psi at 2500rpm, also i do have a 225 walbro pump in my tank as well so i know it gets fuel the pump is not even 8 months old
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50psi with the vacuum line attached? That sounds high. What is it when you disconnect the vacuum line? The pump may be overwhelming the regulator/return line.
with my vacume line disconected fuel psi bounces between 55-60+ psi. i dont know what spec is i forgot the #'s. if my pump is overwhelming my fuel press reg. would an adjustable aftermarket one solve my problem b/c my plugs where extremely fouled
according to Chilton its 55psi, but i dont remember how they said to check it.
thanks i will check it agan with engine off a little later today
fuel pressure was a surge to 60psi then down to around 50psi with the engine offhaven't had time to think about it much been busy as all hell today will check some otherthings if i get a chance today or i will do them tomorrow
Possibly bad O2 sensor causing you to run rich also.
just an idea
ok UNA i get your point hahaha how do i test it with an DMM what should my values be or is it easier to disconect it? it is less that a year old but hey ya never know could be a bad AIS
jus checked out the AIS and when disconected no stalling out when connected stalling out , wow i feel a lil dumb took my that lo0ng to see the light. una you was right gonna pick up a new one today
wow i think i might blow up my car if it keeps this $hit up, still stalls at clutch in and now wont restart unless i give it gas new ais, speedo sensor vaclines, spark plugs, and i am running pig rich. i dont have the diagnostic tools i need to sheck my o2 sensor(i wanna scope it) but now it wint stay running. i disconnected the battery so the comp would have to relearn some values for the ais, ans this morning it was doing jus cluthc in stalls. now i barly made it home. ANYONE have any other ideas , or possibly know what it could be i am havin porbs with the fam so my mind frame is def. not diagnostics .

and tyoday it started spitting oil from the dipstick tub under boost and its not an eclips so it isn't normal , it also has a rich misfire with the ais plugged in with it unplugged no noticable misfire. i know the kid b4 me installed 803 injectors, i duno if they where new or used or if they ever leaked but i need to get my only motive of transport goin again oil pressure dropps low at boost too so i dont go into boost at the moment when i have to drive. i am gona try and clean my o2 maybe it is as fouled as my old pluggs are iduno i am kinda stressed beyond my own comprehension jus need some help thnks
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PCV sounds plugged if its blowing your dipstick out. Check the tube for being clogged and see if the valve rattles when you shake it.
pcv rattles but sticks a little will be replaceing that thnks
screw it i will jus bite the bullet and start gettin ery thing together for a common block and T2 swap want to do it jus do it now
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