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stock motor boost?

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i was just wondering how much boost can a stock 2.2 motor take, or maybe this is easier, how much hp could a 2.2 motor with stock internals take?
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I had a 2.2 Turbo II from a 1987 Shelby Z Daytona.
I ran 34 psi and accomplished 11.52 @ 114.73
Stock internals, Stock Intake, Stock Head.
Big turbo, Big Intercooler, Lots of fuel.

The bar is set, now go!
34psi....man o man!! Did you need to fly on oxygen with that thing up front sucking all the air around?? Unreal...no need to add, I bet these mods were less than..uhh, dependable/streetable/durable? Via the "Candle that burns twice as bright/burns half as long" theory??
They are VERY streetable at high hp levels. Usually get better mileage to boot.
The only issue I ever had was #4 piston breaking the ring land.
Why? Because I never did the cooling modification to the head at cylinder #4.
I drove it on the street with those mods.
awesome, thanks guys, let the modding begin!!
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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