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Stock Swingvalve for Garrett Turbo

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Broke the O2 sensor threads off in my Garrett swingvalve on my TI Laser today. Looking for a swingvalve in good shape, must be apart, no bolts stuck in it or O2 still in it. anybody, i got pay-pal, cheap as possible. For a TI car, not TII
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pretty sure the swingvalve is the same 84-86 TI cars with a Garrett turbo. anybody got one. if not i might know where there is one but i dont wna drive over there to search for it
I might have one. I'll hit up the bolts after I wax the car. Question: why not take the oppurtunity to upgrade? Just a thought.
car is on its way out, it isnt gonna be upgraded just to junk it in the near future. take a look and a price would be good if you got it
Do you still need a swing valve??? I have a brand new one off a 87 T2 garret, I think it is the same as the early T1 Garrets. I'll look tonight. It is a 2 1/4.

I have a few of them. $20 shipped in the US.

all set up, sent a pm back to a member about one already, if not I will contact another if he cant come through for me
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