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Hey guys, Need some advise for my sunroof. The vent part works, and when I try to open it completely it starts to slide into my roof for like a half an inch and then stops. The motor still makes noise and whines at me...it's been this way since I got the car. Any help is welcome :)


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The sunroof assembly is a module, you will have to check the cables, guides and tracks for obstuctions/binding.

Position sunroof to maximum vent position.
Remove headliner, wind deflector, mechanism covers, glass panel, side glass adjustment brackets, motor and gear, drive cables, locators.
Lift cable out of cable retainer and pull forward.

Replace cables as removed.
Check that sunroof is in maximum vent position by manually pushing mechanism forward on both sides (this procedure aligns the drive cables). Replace drive cables, locators.
Position motor upwards so that the gear engages between drive cables.
Complete installation of motor and drive gear.
Complete installation in the reverse of removal.

Side Adjustment Bracket Removal
Remove wind deflector, mechanism covers, glass panel as previously described.
Position system to maximum vent position and remove rearmost adjustment bolt, 8mm, and washer from side adjustment bracket.
Lift rear of side adjustment bracket to maximum vertical position and disengage front of bracket by moving bracket outboard.
To install side adjustment brackets reverse above removal procedure.
Adjust glass, and wind deflector as described in Adjustments .

Open glass to vent position.
Slide upper half of mechanism covers rearward until cover clips disengage from side adjustment bracket.
Remove cover.
Close glass panel, separately loosen four adjusting bolts, 2 each side, and individually adjust four corners of glass.
Adjust front of glass panel to be 1.0 mm (1/32") below top surface of roof panel and rear to be 1.0 mm above top surface.
Torque adjustment bolts.

Conversion Calculator

1989 Dodge Lancer Shelby L4-135 2.2L SOHC Turbo
Vehicle Level Body and Frame Roof and Associated Components Sunroof / Moonroof Service and Repair Cleaning and Maintenance

Cleaning and Maintenance

Glass surfaces are best cleaned with the use of a commercially made cleaner. Do not scrape off smears from bugs, road tars, or similar objects, use warm water or the recommended solvents to remove.

Do not use putty knives, razor blades, steel wool, or other metal objects to remove deposits from the glass.

All sunroofs are installed with drain tubes that are located in either the "A," "B," or "C" pillars. These drain tubes must be kept open to prevent water from entering the passenger compartment.

During cable replacement, lubricate cables with Lubriplate or equivalent.
Periodically clean off any dirt that may have accumulated on guide rail covers.
Drain Tubes

During regular maintenance, check the two drain holes at the front corners of the roof panel to make certain they are open and free of foreign material. If drains are plugged, they can be cleaned with an air hose or flexible wire. if they cannot be cleaned in this manner, they must be replaced.
To clean rear drain tubes, use an air hose or flexible wire from the bottom of the tubes.
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