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Took my 86 Le Baron T1 Mark Cross Special to the smog shop today.

They said it was running a bit rich and running a bit rough. It failed the CA emissions test. First we tested it with the FWD Stage II computer that I have ben running for a few years now.

After it failed the smog test I took out the Stage II and put the original stock computer in. To our surprise their was no difference at all. Same fail #'s.

I made an appointment to leave the car with them when we all had more time to work on it and then drove off with the stock computer still hooked up.

Curious about how the car would run with the stock computer v/s the FWD Stage II that I had just removed I did a couple of speed runs.

To my complete surprise the car ran exactly the same as it has been running with the Stage II computer! This I do not understand.

I remember that when I first hooked up the Stage II computer a few years ago it had made a big difference in my car's performance.

Since then I have had the motor professionally rebuilt, balanced, mild valve and mild porting work, installed a ported polished exhaust manifold, 2 1/2"
swing valve, down pipe and 2 1/2" mandrel bend exhaust all the way out.

Also installed a reduction pulley, vacuum block with new vacuum lines, wide band and boost gauges, alki/water injection, had the turbo rebuilt, new s/s turbo lines...

The car runs smooth and pretty fast - it's really fun to drive - but I have always thought that with all the modifications it should be or could be quicker.

[Wide band reads 10.5 at WOT. Dawes Device reads blue light at WOT]

Well it is only a T1, no intercooler, so only so much can be expected.

But what is up that the car is running exactly the same with the stock original computer as it has been with the FWD Stage II computer???

Should I have Cindy at FWD do a new calibration now after all of the performance upgrades that I have done?

Any other thoughts or ideas?

Thanks for reading all this. TD FUNATIC


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Yes, If you changed the engine componets since the computer was done.I would check to see if things need adjusting because the engine isn't techniclly the same as it was before,Therefore the mods done changes the engine abit from the original setup,so there must be some recalibration of some kind needing to be done. I hope you pass it next time.

BTW a friend of mine bought my old 84 turbo Z back in 86 and it still passed when he checked it last time around.
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