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t1 or t2

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Is a 1986 omni glhs a tI or a tII motor. I was wondering because I am looking into getting a stage 2 or 3 ecu.
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So I would buy a ecu for a tII motor.
Yes, its a TI converted to TII status, so it doesn't have the forged rods/crank, but otherwise its a TII
it has the T1 garret which is the same as a T2 garret with a different housing, it has the intercooler like a 87+ T2, but it does have the T1 trans a 525 instead of a 555, it also has all crank internals instead of the forged crank and rods like a 87+ T2, but it has the T2 injectors and ecu so it runs the same computer as any 87 T2.
Except for the Map sensor. The map on the L-body turbos is on the logic module, where the map on the T2 cars is in the engine bay, plus the wiring on the car are slightly different as well, I forgot what was swapped, but just move the map out into the engine bay, and you can use an 87+ T2 logic module
Thanks for the help. I didn't know because its sort of a borderline between t1 and t2.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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