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I have a 1985 Dodge Omni GLHT Race car for sale, in USA - Minnesota.

Asking price is $5800 or B/O.

I am not on here much, so PLEASE NO PM's. If you are interested, email me. sy2206 at yahoo *** com

This is tough to do, but the time has come. My dad called me yesterday, and we’ve decided to sell and/or part-out his GLHT race car. My dad and I spent several years building this car, and we have enjoyed a few good years of racing it. However, here’s the situation. I no longer live in MN, so I’m not around to help him with the car. My dad is just about 65 years old, and it’s just a little too much for him at this point. For him to go have a little fun, he has to get up at 4am, get out the truck, car trailer, straps, load the car up, and leave the house at 5am, drive 2 hours to Minneapolis/St.Paul, to make his 6 runs through the course for a combined total of about 15 minutes, load it all up and head home. We usually got home from the races about 5-6pm. Needless to say, it’s a lot of work, and he’s not getting any younger. On top of that, he only hits about 2-3 events a year now, so the car doesn’t get much use. My parents bought an ‘04 SRT4 new, so his plan is to sell the GLHT and the trailer, and if he wants to hit a race, he can just take the SRT. No trailer, straps, loading up extra wheels/tires, tools, etc, just hop in it and go.

Here’s a little info on the car. It’s an ’85 GLHT, red, gray interior. It is originally from Iowa. Has around 95k miles on the chassis, but literally almost every wearable item has been replaced. Chassis is fairly rust free. Driver’s door had a small amount of rust that has been repaired. The hood is not the original, but it is a GLHT hood (this car had a DC intercooler kit on it way back in the day, so it had a huge hole cut in the original hood when we bought the car). The front edge of the hood had some minor rust also, which was repaired and repainted at the same time the driver’s door was. The car has its typical scratches and chips. It does look good, but it is not a show car. Overall I’d say it’s in pretty good shape, considering it was built as a race car. There is a small dent on the leading edge of the RR wheel well.

The car currently has no turbocharger! We were running a stock Garrett T2 unit, but when that went out, that was kind of the straw that broke the camel’s back. So, if someone buys the car complete, it will need a turbo right away. Other than that, it’s turn-key, ready to go. We just installed SRT4/Viper inspired front seats in it, so you’ll see it still has stock seats in many of the picts. The car will come with one set of Kosei K1 wheels, 15x7, with Falken Azenis 205/50/15’s with about half tread. We have two more sets of K1’s that could be bought for additional money.

So, we are offering the car up as a whole first. This is basically a “Complete car, ready to go, just needs a new turbo” kind of a deal. If we don’t get much interest in it, we will sell it as a roller, and/or part it out. “Roller” is also kind of a loose term. Roller could be the car as it sits with no drivetrain (but everything else still on it), or it could be no brakes, no coilovers, no wiring, and steel wheels. So, if it comes to that, we can figure a price depending on what parts are left in/on the car. It would be a shame to part this car out, however, we know what he have invested in it, and we also know we’re going to get about 35% of that back out of it. The car will bring more money parting it out for sure, but obviously there’s some work involved. If we can sell it the way it sits, that’ll save us some time, so we’re willing to do that. We have about $15k in it, EVERYTHING that we could buy new, was bought new. Everything else was zero mile rebuild. If you’re a serious buyer, I’d encourage you to call me and we can go over all the details. Nothing on this car was half-assed. All the engine work was done by Todd Nelson, he assembled the bottom end, ported the head and manifolds, and assembled the engine. The drivetrain portion of the build was completed a few years ago, and I would say has around 5k miles on it. Always Mobil1, and oil changed every year (only gets a few hundred miles a year at best). I know there’s more I can’t think of at the moment, but I will add things in as I think of them.

1985 GLHT, Red w/ gray interior.
Roughly 95k miles on the odometer.
Stock ’85 block, crank, and rods.
Engine bored .020” over, w/ Ross forged pistons.
Todd Nelson ported G head w/ bronze guides, SS 1mm OS valves, roller cam, adj cam gear.
Todd Nelson ported 1-piece intake manifold.
52mm TB.
+20% injectors.
Accufab AFPR.
Todd Nelson ported T2 exhaust manifold.
TU 3” swingvalve.
3” exhaust, no cat, small bullet muffler, side exit in front of LR tire.
Todd Nelson oil pan with windage trays and trap doors.
’87 T2 electronics with Pettijohn prototype calibration (basically the same as a MP S2 LM).
MP motor mounts
Poly Bushings bobble strut w/ bracket and gusset in correct location for 568 trans.
Cliff Ramsdell built small spline 568 trans w/ Quaife LSD, 3.85 FD.
Spec 4-puck ceramic clutch.
Equal length drive shaft setup.
GLHS radiator/intercooler assy w/ aftermarket fan shroud and slim-line high-flow fan.
GLHS airbox/hoses, K&N drop in filter.
Complete HVAC delete, heater box, heater core, defrost, blower motor, A/C, it’s all gone.
Radio delete, with factory radio block-off panel from Neon ACR.
Fog lights and brackets removed.
Exterior side moldings removed.
Interior tastefully removed. No carpet, headliner, center console, or rear trunk area trim.
Stock dash, cluster, A and B pillar trim, door panels, front seatbelts, etc, are all there.
SRT4/Viper inspired seats in the front.
Battery re-located to spare tire well.
6-point weld in roll bar w/ rear shock tower bar. This does interfere with the back seat, so there is no back seat, and it can’t go back in as long as this roll bar is in the car.
Complete 4-wheel vented disc brakes from a Spirit R/T. Knuckles were machined to be a direct fit into L-body struts.
Braided stainless steel brake lines.
Koni coilovers w/ Eibach 450F/350R springs, and Eibach helper spring setup.
Front strut tower bar w/ spherical rod ends.
Spherical upper rear shock mounts.
Poly bushings everywhere.
Sparco suede steering wheel w/ quick release hub.
Turn signals, horn button, and wiper controls relocated to HVAC control area.
Kosei K1 wheels, 15x7 35mm offset, w/ 205/50/15 Falken Azenis, half tread.
Autometer boost/vac guage on the A-pillar.

The way it sits, we're looking for $5800 or B/O. Car is located in the Minneapolis/St.Paul area right now, but will be in Baxter, MN shortly.

If it comes down to selling it as a roller, or parting it out, we can figure out prices depending on what parts you get.

Some of the picts are from different stages in the build. You will notice some still have the stock steering wheel, 525 shifter, etc. Those are older picts, but I used them because they show some nice features of the car.


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