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I got an 89 Daytona that I’m trying to get Intercooled, I got the rad and Intercooler, I got a new 2 piece, now all I need is a new turbo and ecu. Am I able to buy chips for the ecu or do I have to buy the whole system that can run an Intercooler? And can I run the stock turbo with the Intercooler or do I need to get a t2 Garrett turbo?

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A 1989 Daytona Turbo is either an interrcooled 2.2 T-II or a 2.5 T-I

Sounds like you have the 2.5 T-I with the Mitsu Turbo.

Fine Engine, itching to be intercooled and easy to do.

Your ecu, we call them SMEC, will do fine for now.

Some modify them but it's a very complicated deal.

The 2 piece intake is a nice unit but it requires a specefic fuel rail.

Your 1 piece will be fine for now as it's designed for intercooling.

The Mitsu Turbo is a nice unit but small for performance duty.

A free flowing exhaust will cause overboosting with the Mitsu.

The Garrett T-II Turbo is a great up grade when you're ready.

For now I recommend intercool your Engine as is and enjoy it.

Changing the intake and Turbo requires removing the cyl. head.

Might as well do them together to save time and extra expense.

The Garrett responds great to a free flowing exhaust so do that last.

Start with a well tuned Engine that runs fine, mods don't fix anything.

A good fuel pump is recommended along with an air/fuel ratio monitor.

If you get serious about boost there are custom SMEC's available.

They require matching injectors and the $$$ to buy them.

Beat of luck canuck!!

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