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t2 or 2.5t1 89+

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somebody out there has a fresh engine that they have built. and now times are tough all around. if this person is you and you have receipts for the build.. maybe the engine is already broke in or its fresh on a stand

PM me. i have cash waiting. id rather you be somewhat close to me as my deals are face to face with greenbacks only and i will drive or fly in to you.

i know the engines well and im picky. but somebody has one and well if you do and u want to sell. you may have a buyer. Im will expore every avenue before i suck up a jasper engine. i have until end of june to produce engine for my daytona.

i just dont have time to source all the parts and screw around and argue with some machinist around here who hasnt seen an 8v turbo dodge in his life. id also buy a complet hybrid.

thanks in adavance. email me at [email protected] or pm me here.
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