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t3 auto

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has anyone ever tried to run a TIII with an automatic trans ???? and if so how do you get around the crank sensor delema?
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Could always go with stand alone engine mgt.
If I remember correctly there was one person that had an RT was converted to auto.

Daniel Merrill
I was/am going to do it but was going to use my T1 van wiring! :D
89acclaim said:
If I remember correctly there was one person that had an RT was converted to auto.

Daniel Merrill
I think that might be Matt. Forget his last name. I had bought something off him and he was selling his 568 swapping to an auto.
Actually Matt already has his auto in and running. I will send him an email again to see if he is still considering kits.
I know of two running cars with the stock tIII electronics. Rumors of one or two more, but I never saw them. Here is a previous thread with some links:


I met one guy with an auto Spirit R/T at SDAC 13. Can't recall his name but he used to be on the board here. The bellhousing was machined out for the crank sensor. He bought it that way so he didn't know much of how it was accomplished. I think he sold it some time ago.
Since you are not going to use it in a stock Turbo III application just put a distributor on the side of the head and get a computer for use with your turbo I wiring that is calibrated for the TIII head and injectors.
I looked at that but it looks like the thermostat housing and distributor would want to be in the same place and besides i would like to run the distributor less ignition
The exhaust cam has been used, search the archives for pics.
I think I was the first to do this, and used the exhaust cam, without interference issues. It worked great, but it was in a car (88 CSX-T) that didn't have DIS to begin with. I have seen Matt's setup in person, and it is very slick. He does retain the factory TIII electronics and DIS. That is certainly the way to go.
Neil, glad to see you ventured over from turboford.org :)
I have one foot planted in each place ;)
Funny thing is that I was over there buying a 58mm throttle body for my old R/T off you at a ford tech board. Matt's setup is definately slick.
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