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t3 engine complete from spirit rt SOLD AND DELIVERED

t3 engine complete from spirit rt SOLD AND DELIVERED Boise Idaho

complete includes turbo, intercooler tubing, intercooler, flywheel, pulleys alternator, intake, etc.. everything that was bolted to the motor when I pulled it from the car. transmission is gone.
never heard the car run and the turbo has 1" of shaft play and leaked alot
half of me is lazy and wants it gone with less labor the other half does not want to part out a complete turbo3 motor with lotus head. we will try local pickup for a day and then I go at it with wrenches and mail it across the country. if you are nearby and want it speak up.

contact me at [email protected]

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Wow anybody thats local that wants it they are getting a steal of a deal!
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