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All parts are low mileage( less than 1500 miles) like new parts.
Installed last fall. Car was not driven over the winter.

First- FWDP T3/T4E 50 trim Hybrid (like new) included with turbo
Braided lines
Large can adjustable actuator w/billet bracket
Lightly ported 2 1/2 swing valve
$750.00 + actual shipping cost U.S. only

+40% injectors
$125 Shipped U.S. only

Accufab AFPR
$100 Shipped U.S. only

Autometer 30/30 boost gauge Black face
$30 shipped U.S. only

Air fuel gauge 10 light
$20 Shipped U.S. only

Inline under hood fuel pressure gauge(jegs)
$15 Shipped U.S. only

M/H race master slicks,like new, mounted on 6.5 gold crab rims
$250.00 Local pick up only

Exhaust 2 1/2 down pipe to full 3" mandel bent aluminized Dynomax
Pipe, with 3"bullet muffler and exits at rear of car 88 Shelby Z.
$120 Local pick up only

**Parts on car at previous time**
TII/TII clutch and pp good shape, low mileage
$75+ actual shipping cost

Stock TII clutch Still alot of life left, low mileage
$40+ actual shipping cost

Volvo intercooler
$25+actual shipping cost

TII flywheel (recently resurface)
$35+actual shipping cost

555 four pin differential
$25+actual shipping cost

555 case
$20+ acual shipping cost

Still have some 555 gears/parts if anyone needs let me know.

88 shelby Z sway bar
$25+actual shipping cost

555 rear transmission mount w/solid bolt.
$20+actual shipping cost

All sales are U.S only if not already stated.

Thank you for your interest.


401 Posts
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t3/t4e 50 trim .63/ stage one /it is a t4 wheel in a t4 cover.
My Shelby Z trapped almost 106mph at 21# boost through stock intercooler, with this turbo.

Thanks, Greg
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