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1994 Plymouth Sundance 2.2L
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Fairly recently I came into possesion of a '94 plymouth sundance which was equipped with the non-tach gauge cluster. Over the past two or three weeks I pulled a tach gauge cluster from a '91 shadow highline sitting in a junkyard and have been trying to make it work, but the tach is not functioning.

What steps should I be taking to make it function correctly? Or is this a waste of time?

Also to add, my car is an NA 2.2L. The shadow I believe was a 2.5.

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The tach is operated by the engine controller through the tach drive module that sits at the top of the PCB.

1)Do you have a wire in Cavity 43 of the SBEC? (GY/LB wire) If Yes, continue...
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2)Is there a wire present in the R/S cluster connector Cavity H? (GY/LB wire) If Yes...
a)With the engine running check for voltage at Cavity H of the R/S cluster connector.
Voltage should read approx. 2 volts AC. If the voltage is present, continue...
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3)Is the tach drive module present on the PCB? If Yes, continue...
4)Do you know if the tach was working previously?
a)Cracked solder joints on the PCB are/were a common occurrence, if that is the issue you will need to reflow the solder joints on the PCB.
b)Oxidation on the PCB where the Tach Drive Module slides on/sits on the PCB is also a common problem.
91% Rubbing Alcohol should clean that up.
PCB without Tach
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PCB with Tach
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