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TB0335 pipes and connections

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Hi everyone! I have a Garrett/AirReseach turbo charger and it has 4 pipes sticking out in between the compressor and exhaust part of the turbo charger. If I'm not mistaken, the big pipe on center is for coolant. What about the other three? Do I need them? Is this supposed to be water and oil cooled turbo?

Thanks in advance
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:indiffere Though's holes are very importaint!!!
front=oil inlet tube
back=oil drain tube
top=water inlet tube
bottom=water drain tube

of corse the front back thing depends on how you look at it.
I labled it to how mine is after it is instaled in my 89' Daytona.

What is your car? engine?
year? size of your turbo?

You try to run that with out the proper oil lines, it will eat up the bearings the first time you give it some gas.
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